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Why You Should Never Let Injuries Stop You For Too Long

To most athletes, injuries are the kiss of death.  Career killers.  But that’s if you’re a competitive pro and making your living by winning championships.  Most people won’t lose their ability to earn an income from a sports injury.  I fall somewhere in between.  While I don’t get paid based on how many playoffs I’m in, I do need to be able to physically lift weights, demonstrate exercises and look somewhat aspirational.  At one point in my career, I thought it was all over.  After a bad accident and a devastating diagnosis from spine doctors, my health and wellbeing took an unexpected turn.
I did an interview with ACE, the American Council on Exercise where I discussed my career.  Here’s a snippet about how injuries don’t have to stop you.  They can only slow you down or send you on a detour.
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Interview with Jill about her career in fitness

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