Guest Host on HSN

I’m honored to be featured in the May / April 2019 issue of OnFitness Magazine.

You can find out even more about my back story. Order the issue here.

Here’s a story on Balance Training and it’s amazing benefits.

I blogged about it on Huffington Post. Then KABC7 news picked up on it and came to my Cross Training Revolution Class at Equinox to interview me about it. Check out the story below:

This machine is really FUN – it trains your body and your brain. It’s also a total butt kicker!

I’m featured in this commercial for the Cycle Boxer

I Love Working Out With Medicine Balls for a Full Body Workout. This one is called a Ugi Ball.

Sometimes I get asked to be an expert Spokesperson.

If it’s a product love, I’m more than happy to do it. This is the ExerSwing and it really gives a good burn!

Here is a a podcast I was interviewed for about being a fitness influencer

Fighting fat over 40:
Watch me and my boy Roscoe living the L.A. Lifestyle! The love of a Rescue dog is like no other.

Jill & Roscoe for Subaru / USA Network Character Profile

In this ACE PROfile I share a little more about my spine injury and how I got into the best shape of my life at 40 after 2 spine surgeries
Get a flat tummy fast:
The Story Behind the Sweat: A Conversation with Jill Brown

Being in a few of the P90 workout videos with my friend Tony Horton was a blast, but hard work too. Try it!

Moves to get your back on track:
When Skechers Shape Ups came out, I was hired as a Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador.

Here’s an interview live in a mall with KTLA

I am front and center in this VW ad.
I am featured in the November 2007 Cooking Light.


Research Sheds New Light on Weight-Training

Are Intense Exercise DVDs right for you?

I’m honored to be featured in the April / May 2019 edition of OnFitness Magazine.

I was interviewed on this podcast about being a fitness influencer