“I’ve been training with Jill at her bootcamp for several years and I’m addicted to her workouts. Jill is super knowledgeable and these workouts are fun. Jill coaches us through exercise circuits challenging and effective, but not overwhelming. She’s knows the anatamy and understands the functions of each exercise, and educates us about both of them along the way. My entire body is firmer and in much better shape because of Jill. I recommend Jill’s bootcamp for anyone who wants to improve their body and have an enjoyable time doing it.”

Meloney H.
Producer, Writer, Author


I wanted to make sure to thank you for introducing me to the kettle-bell/viper exercises. Since taking your class all of my lower back pain has gone – completely – and I attribute it entirely to your class and the work we did.



You saved my life. I can’t think you with the correct words for your true beginner videos.

…Starting with video 6, I lost two bra sizes on the band within 2 months. I fit into a size smaller pants. I also went down to normal and not plus clothes. I flew through video 7 because I wanted a longer workout. I started video 8 and lost so many inches on my back. From videos 6-8 over 3 months, I lost 21 pounds. It finally came off. My blood pressure is still high but I’m down to 1 medicine only for it now and it’s now 113/84, a huge improvement from being 140/95. I then added some favorite stomach exercises form video 7 onto the end of 8 and my stomach is now much better…

…You completely changed my life and habits by just having these free videos. You changed it by being welcoming to give options to those of us who can’t jump or have some limits to our mobility. I wasn’t even deterred when video 8 says it’s an 8 week series not an 8 part like I thought it was. It took me a year but who cares. You helped me not slide back and helped me just be here. Thank you so much.

(from Jill:  this was just a small snippet of the email.  It was so touching, I teared up when I read it.  I’m now working with Jenny as a Health Coach virtually – she’s still steadily losing a pound a week)

Jenny B


The Merriam Webster dictionary describes inspiration as: something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create:  a force or influence that inspires someone.  Jill is all those things and much more.  Jill is my trainer, my mentor, my life coach, and my friend.  She inspires me every day to be a healthier version of myself.

Jill has a way of reading my body language and knows if something is not right.  She stood by me in my darkest hours and helped me channel my anger away from self-destruction and into training for a half marathon.

Since I’ve met Jill I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, run a half marathon, found confidence and am strong physically and mentally.  Her workouts are addicting and continue to evolve.  Jill is more than a trainer, she is an inspiration for all things good in the world.

Jenny W.

Sr. Media Manager


“I had the opportunity to consult with Jill regarding my current fitness and nutrition habits. I was finding that my workouts were not benefitting me to the degree to which I desired. Jill offered very straight forward advice on both my workout and my diet. The tips she offered were very practical and easy to integrate into my routine. I really appreciated her approach that making small changes can make a big difference. The results have been amazing. I’ve dropped seven pant sizes and am in the best shape of my life. People I’ve worked with for over a decade are complimenting me on the change and asking me how I’m doing it. I certainly couldn’t have done it on my own. Thank you, Jill!”

Mike Long


Jill Brown has been a major source of inspiration in my ongoing quest for personal fitness.  I have had many instructors over the years, and have always been generally “in shape.”  But I have reached a new level of fitness thanks to the classes I’ve taken with her over the past three years.  Here’s what makes Jill such an inspiring instructor: Creativity, Credibility, Concern, Knowledge

Recently, I took a hiking trip to Peru, the highlights of which were visiting Machu Picchu and soaking in a hot tub with our hiking partners after climbing Wayna Picchu.  I was both flattered and a bit embarrassed when our friends complimented my physique and expressed amazement at my age (54).  When they asked how I did it, I said “it’s all thanks to Jill Brown!”

Peggy E.



“I was thinking of joining Crossfit to experience extreme training in a group exercise. However after taking Jill Brown’s Cross Training Extreme class I realized that I can achieve same sort of results.  Jill has the best group exercise class in Equinox.  Taking Jill’s class helped me achieve my fitness goals. Another great thing I love about Jill’s class is that she keeps it very educational while performing all the exercises.   In addition to staying fit I also learned a lot.”

Boris A.

Equinox member


You are my favorite spinning instructor (besides being nice and fun)! Seriously, I like your classes to the point that I got so spoiled and I can barely take any other class. Your classes are a real training session for me. You’ve definitely helped me getting in shape for a couple of races last year with hardly any training on the road. I have an Ironman 70.3 in July and I hope to get back in shape by taking as many of your classes as possible.”


Triathlete, Technology Executive


I have had the phenomenal pleasure of working out with Jill Brown as a client and friend throughout the course of the last year. Jill’s magnetic personality ensures that a friendship will inevitably develop throughout the course of your professional relationship. Her caring and attention to detail are second to none. The breadth of her experience in so many sports training techniques virtually guarantees a personalized program which helps you to achieve your goals. Jill’s workout routines are fun, balanced, grueling, informative, painful and most importantly, productive. It is without hesitation that I recommend Jill as a trainer for anyone who is committed to getting themselves in the best shape of their life.”

Alan S.

Veterinary surgeon


“Jill brings a positive energy and heartfelt enthusiasm to her workouts which inspires the participants to mimic her passion and her vigor. Jill’s spin classes are uplifting and energizing–after a hard workout and good sweat, you feel ready to take on the world and conquer whatever troubles may come your way. Jill’s classes provide a healthy outlet for managing stress and coping with life’s realities. The music rocks and she guides you safely through a strenuous workout–which almost seems personalized, in spite of an often crowded class setting.”

Dr. Beth K.

Doctor, gynecologic oncology, Cedars Siani


“Thank you very much for giving me the motivation to work out. I was in a skimpy bathing suit last weekend and everyone commented on my back side. Fabien, my  husband, is very happy. I have never been so toned. This is only after a couple sessions with you. I can’t wait until next Monday!

“Jill is the real deal. I have been working out for years and I am a former ski racer. I have never had results like this before. ”

Hillary G.

Event Planner


“I love to spin with Jill. She is great to train with because she lets you know what’s going on and adds lots of variety. When you know what is coming, you can set little interim goals for yourself. For example, she’ll let you know that that intense standing interval with the tight fly wheel is only going to last 30 seconds — so you can really go for it. “Also, Jill is always mixing things up to keep it interesting, and even has seasonal goals. Some days it’s interval training, some days a big climb; or some days pyramid training is on the menu. Whatever Jill has in store, it’s always a great workout.”

Amy S.



“Hi Jill, I don’t know if I ever told you this, but you were a big part of my recovery from a severe bicycling injury incurred in 1992. After five surgeries over a period of five years, my doctors finally said I could return to the gym and start to work out again. I decided not to bike my ride on the streets, but heard good things about Spinning and decided to give it a try. You were my first instructor at Gold’s Gym, and your enthusiasm, spirit and, of course, your music started me back on the “road” to health. As you know, I have been Spinning for over seven years now with many different instructors, but you will always be my favorite! Love,”



“Jill Brown is the best instructor bar none and by far that I have ever had as a spin instructor. Every ride has a plan, a purpose, an intention, and builds on the ride before, and fits into her seasonal plan that is methodical and goal oriented. She is a rarity. When you take the saddle you know you’re actually going some place, rather than remaining stationary, and you know what to look for ahead as she motivates you to reach that goal place. There is no one who better stresses form and technique, who teaches its laudatory purpose and strives to make everyone a better rider. While I can find a million excuses to stay away from the gym, without fail, I’m in the saddle with Jill. All of those times when I know I have no energy or motivation to ride, I make my way from the back of the pack. Her rides are based on building strength and energy and motivation.”

Adam S.



“Jill is the best! I don’t even bother taking anybody else’s spinning classes. Jill takes a personal interest in seeing everybody improve. Everybody reaches their goals with Jill. She has incredible energy and enthusiasm. She makes you love it. I wouldn’t want to work out with anybody else.”

David S.


“Jill is genuinely committed to helping her students achieve their personal fitness goals. That commitment, in combination with her extensive fitness experience and expertise, always motivates and inspires.”

Cathy D.

Licensing Attorney / Disney, retired


“I have baby muscles in my back! I still need to lose 5 pounds but…at least i have some tone. thanks to boot camp with Jill!

Tami S.

Jewelry designer


“Jill was my first spinning instructor and remains my absolute favorite. When I took my very first spinning class she was the teacher. At that time, I was very depressed from a divorce. Although I had always been in pretty good shape, I had lost motivation and interest in not only exercise but being with others even at a gym.

Someone at the gym told me about Jill and spinning and I decided one day to get off the elliptical and try it. With Jill’s encouragement to stick with it and her lovely motivating spirit 6 months later and many sore spots and classes, I was finally pretty good at it. I was able to make many new friends that I met in her classes. Without question Jill and her classes were a major part of my recovery.”

I knew from the beginning and still do, that no matter what Jill had in her life that day or moment she always had a great plan for the class. Her truly outstanding music selection, thoughtful methodology and enthusiasm have made every class all these years not just “exercise” but a life experience not to miss.

Judy R.


“Jill Brown’s spinning classes are top-notch. Energetic, challenging and technically sound, Jill focuses on building strength and endurance safely and efficiently. From beginner to advanced student, her classes are always in demand. Jill’s music is perfect. She should be a DJ!”

David W.



“I started my spin training this year at another gym and fell in love with the workout. Spinning has gotten me in shape and has given me the motivation to attend classes on a regular basis. However, in May, I decided to change my schedule and try spinning with Jill Brown at Gold’s Gym. Since then, my spinning technique, leg strength, and endurance has increased to another level. Also, the energy Jill provides during the class is like no other. She’s constantly pushing the class to do our best in a motivational and inspiring way, and the music and rhythm really gets us going. Jill doesn’t just focus on the class, she focuses on us as individuals. She is by far the best instructor I have ever had, and the results are showing.”  (Steve is now an instructor!)

Steve R.

Fitness Instructor


“I’ve been taking spinning classes w/ Jill Brown for probably 3 yrs. I am certified as a Spinning Instructor so I’m quite familiar w/ the aspect of the class and demands of teaching it. I take spinning classes about 3/4 times a week for over 10 yrs. Jill has created some remarkable classes and following @ Sports CLub LA ( a rather demanding Spinning audience). Her use of all the techniques available on a bike and her talent of mixing and blending correct music for the class has enabled her to operate on a “sold out” class basis for all her classes. There is no drudgery when she teaches. Jill seems to really think through what she is doing and it shows in her classes and in my desired fitness results.”

Bog Griffith


“…thanks for be so motivating in class…few things have gotten me to consistently rise at 5:20 two mornings a week…it’s a testament to the awesome workout and positive energy that your classes provide!!!”

Regina T.



“I started taking Jill’s spinning classes after my doctor told me to stop working out outside because of severe allergies and asthma. After about a year of Jill’s spinning classes, my fitness level had increased dramatically. So much so that when the doctor said I could start exercising outside again, I started biking. I now do 150 miles a week and have finished two 75 mile benefits for the American Diabetes Association and a 100 mile benefit for Multiple Sclerosis. Jill’s an unbelievably inspiring instructor, and I wouldn’t be where I am fitness-wise, without her classes.”

Terri Rae

News Anchor


“I take Jill’s spinning classes because of her energy and the music, I’ve taken other classes from other instructors but I just don’t get the same energy that I do in Jill’s class. From season the season it is never the same she changes the type of training depending on the season. I love the variety and the music she plays gives me energy to finish the ride she’s the best. It’s like Jill’s party on a bike and I love it, she makes it fun.”


self employed


“Jill Brown has been my Club Trainer for over three years and my Personal Trainer whenever my work schedule allows. I selected Jill as my trainer over hundreds of available trainers in the Los Angeles area. Jill brings a personal/professional commitment of health and fitness to her clients that is unsurpassed by any other fitness professional that I have experienced. Jill applies her vast fitness knowledge, dedication and spirit to MY workouts. Jill does not do generic workouts. Jill has the fitness intelligence and integrity to create and implement workouts that work for ME. I schedule my work and my life around Jill’s availability at the fitness club training. Thank you,”

Nancy H.

Location Manager


“I love Jill’s class in spinning, she sets the standard, works with us to develop our skills. She has the greatest personality and motivational music to keep us pumping! I have improved my trail biking capabilities to where I set the pace for everyone else in my group”.


Business Consultant


“I enjoy Jill Brown’s spinning classes because over the years they have been consistently outstanding, challenging and fun. Jill is a professional and a lovely person to boot!”

Melinda N.

animal rescue advocate

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“Jill’s passion, enthusiasm, and energy are contagious. If you want proof, just stop by one of her 6 am spin classes. But sign up early if you want a bike.”

Chad N.



“Besides the fact that you have a very charming and pleasant personality, I like your constant emphasis on “technique” and “variety” of the ride. Having been in your class for couple of years now, I very much appreciate the effort you put into every single class, every Sunday, every time without exception. Although I take number of other classes during the week, your Sunday class is always the high light of my weekly work out in intensity, effectiveness and fun. There has not been a single conversation with any fellow gym member to whom I have not emphatically recommended your class. Can not thank you enough.”




“Without Jill I would still be unable to do a single pushup. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm has turned me from a workout virgin into a Bootcamp soldier! I could never imagine training with anyone else. My butt, legs, arms and tummy look better after every week – thanks, Jill!”

Monica R.



…I’d also like to say thanks, because two people commented on my slimmer physique!”

Chelsea D.

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“Jill is the best spin coach around, her warm smile and peak dedication gets me up and to class at 6 am. She’s the best.”

Christopher W.



“I train with Jill because she makes me feel like I’m not training. Don’t get me wrong, her workouts are killer. But more importantly, at 7AM, they are killer fun. She loves doing what she does and that is felt by everyone she trains.”

Rich C.


“Jill Brown is an exceptional teacher. Not only is she motivating and challenging, but her positive personality and consistency in the work she does is very motivating for a student any level. I do believe I have gotten lucky to take her classes, as well as make a great friend!”

Leslie C.


“I have taken a lot of spinning classes, and most irritate me, poor choice of music, the monotony of the “pieces”, you name it (when your muscles are burning and it’s 6am in the morning irritation is the name of the game). But irritation is the last thing I feel in Jill’s classes. Her classes make you want to work at “your max” and her music is great. She approaches the classes more like a coach approaches their team. It’s great that she incorporates “periodization” in her classes, sometimes we are working on our aerobic base, sometimes on building strength and other times on speed. We feel like we are preparing for a “bike race” rather than just attending spinning class. It surely removes the “irritation” factor from the 5am alarm going off for the 6am class 🙂

Avalon J.


“I work out with Jill because she is fantastic. Not only is she concerned on how well I am doing, she makes sure that I am pushing myself and the self realization that I am the one that makes the work out. But in fact she is a stupendous motivator and would not have me in class if it were not for the FUN and HARD Core training. Thanks for the Fun and Hard work”

Lou M.

Delta Airlines


“Hi Jill ! I absolutely love your class and always look forward to my Sunday mornings. No matter how tired I may feel waking up after Saturday night, I always go because I know that within the first five minutes, I’ll be completely energized and psyched to be spinning. It’s the class that I know will keep me from falling off the fitness bandwagon. I love the music and the energy and the emails and the seasonal goals and how you’re always emphasizing the best form so that we’re riding as well as we can.”

Lauren G.

Market Research


“We train with Jill Brown because she motivates us to work, keeps us engaged and, we see results. Jill accomplishes this by thoughtfully constructing each spin workout and series of workouts throughout the year to develop strength and stamina and skill; with varying focuses at different times of the year. She sets the bar fairly high, but always gives you the means to reach those goals. We are both very proud of the ways in which we have become stronger and more skilled, and can see the change in our bodies. Bottom line, we love going to the classes, being with our fellow ‘spinners’ and the results.”

Gloria G. & Thomas M.