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My Dirty Little Secret Diet Has Become a Hot Trend


It’s time to let the cat out of the bag and reveal the diet I have done for years.  I have never talked about with my clients or students before because this protocol, known as Intermittent Fasting, is the antithesis of conventional diet wisdom.  The most commonly recommended healthy diets suggest eating 5 to 6 small, frequent meals a day where Intermittent Fasting diets call for one or 2 large meals and a long stretch of time without eating.

We used to think that fasting slowed down the metabolism while eating frequently kept the metabolism revved up since it was always digesting something and kept blood sugars level by never going too long without food.  Turns out intermittent fasts of 16 to 36 hours may do the same things and have extra benefits like increasing longevity and staving off age related diseases and improving insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular function and brain function.  Many studies have been done on animals with great success.  Research on humans is limited but the results so far are impressive.
Were humans made to fast?  Think about it.  It’s only been a mere blip in our historical timeline that we’ve had constant food availability.  Most of our history until very recently had us enduring periods of feast and famine.  As a matter of fact, every third world nation still endures this.  I can’t help but think that maybe our bodies were made to go without food for longer periods of time.  It’s not like our ancestors could just say, “Hmmm, it’s almost lunch time.  Somebody get that wildebeest to run by and fire up the bar-b.”  I remember my grandmother saying she used to fast once a week for “health reasons.”  She may have been onto something.  But you can decide for yourself.

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  1. I watched a youtube video on IF this Winter break and decided to give it a go. I am 47 yr old 5’7″ male and around December 23 2017 weighed almost 190lb. Today is Feb 24 2018 and my weight is down to 177lb, more than a pound per week by intermittent fasting and regular walking.
    This is what is working for me:
    1. For at least 3 days per week I skip breakfast and lunch and only eat dinner. I never have breakfast now. If I eat lunch I try to limit to just a sandwich, no red meat or a large salad with protein. Afternoon snack to an apple or orange. I try to eat healthy most of the time, but will have some dessert occasionally and even burgers and fries but I track my calories religiously in an iPhone app to not go over 1900 calories/day. Its hard to eat lots of calories when its only one meal per day!
    2. I drink a ton of water and a few teas and coffees for a warm tummy. I buy multiple liters of water per day, sometimes drop some electrolytes in it. The trick to chugging water was to convince myself that whenever I feel a hunger pang, its really a thirst pang and I chug down half a liter of water immediately and the pang magically dissipates. I keep doing that all day. (Lots of bathroom trips!)
    3. I built a habit of walking. (almost every day now) and that has been important to keep the weight loss going. I notice when I don’t walk my weight stays steady. I built the habit up slowly even before I found the IF plan, so I walk in the park for an hour or more with my wife, or if the weather is bad, at least 30-40 min walking on the treadmill. Its easy to treadmill walk by watching movies or reading a book. No need to run because it stresses my joints.
    Hope this helps motivate someone else. My goal is 157 lb. My weight 20+ yrs ago!

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