Super Leg Circuit You Can Take Outdoors

I used to do many more of my workouts outside.  I was on an Outrigging team, I was in a rowing club, I used to do more trail running, beach jogging and hiking.  But life has been happening and let me tell you, it has seriously cut into my outdoor, clear-my-mind-and-body time.  The one last hold-out I refuse to give up is my once-a-week outdoor workout in a local park.

This is one I dug up from my archives.  It’s a simple leg circuit.  You can improvise with the equipment.  I’m using Lebert Equalizers, but you can just do hip bridges with your feet on a bench or do the same exercise with big ol’ medicine or body ball.  I keep kettlebells in my car which are key for leg and overall strength, but you can swing a dumbbell if necessary.  Listen up though, I think everyone should learn how to swing a kettlebell, so watch my tutorial on that.

So get outside gang.  Lose the fluorescent lights and mirrored walls, and get yourself some nature while you workout.  You’ll see what a huge difference it makes in your brain chemistry!


Jill Brown
Jill Brown
Hi, I'm JillI am a Los Angeles based Fitness + Nutrition Coach. With 20+ years of experience in teaching, training and continuing my education, I have transformed thousands of lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes.