Personal Nutrition Coaching

Personal Nutrition Coaching

Why work with we me as your personal nutrition coach?

Flexible payments so you can pay for a package of sessions up front.  This is a proven way to break out of a rut and get yourself to commit.  Once you pay, it’s done and I’ll be with you for your journey.  Or, if you’re still not sure, pay as you go one month at a time.

What you can expect

Lose weight, build strength, balance your hormones & regain energy. Whatever your goals, we work together to create long-lasting strategies and sustainable habits that stay with you for a lifetime.

Never go on a diet again

Complicated and highly restrictive diets just don’t work in the long run and often leave you worse off in the end. I will help you stay focused on the specific strategies you need to make steady progress, one step at a time.

A program made just for you

Once I learn your needs, goals and what stage of life you’re in, I develop a personal plan with you that fits into your everyday life.

Results that actually last

Crash diets often leave you worse off in the end.  Small daily practices add up to massive changes.  I break your big goals down into manageable chunks and help you develop healthy habits and tactics that become second nature so they last a lifetime.

The support you need

As your coach, I will give you accountability, focus and direction to guide you to your goal.  I’m here to help you stay consistent no matter what life throws at you.

Science-backed nutrition and coaching methods

I only used methods proven to work based on the latest research in nutrition, exercise science, and psychology.

Pay as you go or all up front

Flexible payments so you can pay for a package of sessions up front. This is a proven way to break out of a rut and get yourself to commit. Once you pay, it’s done and I’ll be with you for your journey. Or, if you’re still not sure, pay as you go one month at a time.

Diets come a dime a dozen.  Taking the weight off initially isn’t the hardest part.  Keeping it off is.  If you’ve done diet after diet and the weight loss doesn’t stay off, or you don’t feel in control of what you’re eating, or you fall back into your bad habits, consider working we me.  I love to help people just like you feel empowered with what and how you eat instead of feeling like a victim to it.  I believe food can be fun and food is your friend.  You just need help changing your relationship with it.

Is a Health & Nutrition Coach Right For You?

If any of these statements sound like you, the answer is “yes”:

  • – I’ve lost weight on diets before.  I know what to do, I just don’t do it.
  • – I’ve lost weight on diets before but the weight always comes back, and sometimes more.
  • – I eat my emotions, looking to food as a reward or a comfort or to fill a void.
  • – I eat when I’m not hungry.
  • – I’m always hungry or craving something.
  • – My bloodwork isn’t great. My doctor has hinted that I need to lose some weight.  He/she said I’m either already or as risk of becoming “pre-diabetic” but he/she didn’t tell me how to lose the weight other than eat right and exercise.
  • – Up until a certain age I could eat whatever I wanted, so I never paid attention to my calories, portions or quality of food. Now the weight has steadily crept on and I can’t take it off and keep it off.

I know what you’re going through.  You wake up in the morning with good intentions to eat right.  Whether it’s logging your food, counting your calories, planning out your macros or following a particular diet style like a Paleo, Keto or Mediterranean diet.  But somehow over the course of the day your motivation and self-discipline dwindles maybe from a stressful situation or negative emotions or for some other reason you can’t even put your finger on.  So you cave in to what you know you shouldn’t eat, taking you one step back from getting to your goal.  You feel like you failed and punish yourself maybe with even more self-sabotaging behaviors.  Yes…. I’ve been there myself.  Through gradually building better habits, understanding what is causing your cravings and learning how to take control, I can help you turn all of this around.

As a multiply certified health & nutrition coach I work with you to change your habits so eating healthy and intuitively becomes mindless.  Like mastering anything, it just takes practice and having a knowledgeable expert by your side to teach you the secrets.  I’d like to be that person for you.

How does Nutrition & Health Coaching with me work?

First we do an initial assessment where we will discuss your goals and what kinds of obstacles have been holding you back from getting there.  Then I will send you questionnaires that will give me insight into what obstacles you’re facing, your habits both good and bad and your lifestyle.  Depending on the plan you buy, we will speak weekly or bi-weekly.  After each session, I will give you your assignment.  This will either be a worksheet, a log or a habit to practice.  We go at your pace.  There’s no race.  We continue either for a set amount of sessions that you purchase up front.  Or you pay monthly and we continue until you feel ready to go it alone.  If you pay monthly, you can cancel anytime.

Is there a VIP Transformation Package if I’m truly determined to get massive results?

You bet there is! I offer a 12 week intensive program where you get both Nutrition Coaching and Fitness Coaching combined. You get everything from the Online Fitness Coaching Program (a customized fitness program built specifically for you), and the Nutrition Coaching Program. This includes weekly 1 hour coaching calls, mindset framing, habit building, 24/7 access to me for questions, concerns and additional motivation when you feel weak. With the training app, we are able to track your weight, your workouts, your measurements, your food with progress charts and before and after pictures. I’m right by your side for 12 weeks. This program will leave you feeling completely in control, empowered, loving to exercise and eating in a way that leads to continual weight loss and sustainability.

If you want to make a total transformation, let’s jump on a call to see if the 12-week Intensive VIP Transformation Package is right for you.

How do I get started?

After you pay for your program, you will receive an email confirming payment, a set-up link for the app, and the intake documents.

Once you’re set-up on the app and documents are complete, I will create your 12-week customized program based on the information you provide on your questionnaire and our communications. Or you can opt to pay monthly for ongoing training and cancel at any time.

Your training program will:

• Be built around your schedule
• Be appropriate for your fitness level
• Be focused on the type of exercises you already enjoy or want to do
• Follow the training principles shown to increase strength, stamina, mobility, flexibility, muscle growth and fat loss, or whichever of these your goals.

Book a Free Strategy Call with me and we will discuss the best approach for you to reach your fitness goals. Or, Email me at: