After 17 years of working on my own back pain plus hundreds of my students and clients, I’ve created the

Ultimate Pain Free Back Program, a fitness and nutrition program based on evidence backed research.  recommended by spine surgeons and physical therapists.

What you get:

👉 4 phases of complete, full length workouts and abridged workouts for when you are short on time ($450 value)
👉 16 weeks of access to the program online, plus a printable version  ($100 value)
👉 Two way messages with coach Jill
👉 Accountability and motivation
👉7 day meal plan to reduce inflammation ($59 value)

Can’t make it to an in-person class with me? I have a large library of pre-recorded classes and live workouts with me. It’s on the zoom platform, you I can see you and chat with you before and after class if you like.=
Don’t want to commit to a subscription? Purchase your favorite workouts with me here:
All my best classes from HIITs like Tabata to Metabolic Conditioning, to toning workouts with bands, Butt & Abs and Functional Training workouts. No 2 workouts are the same!
I have all 5-star reviews. Here’s what people are saying about my home workouts:

“Jill is by far the best fitness I instructor I’ve had during my long fitness journey. I love her classes – which feels like she’s right next to me in my living room, watching every move I make. she is amazing, and inspiring. Her hard work and devotion are really one of a kind. Thank you, Jill.”

“Love these workouts !!!! From equinox classes to online … Jill is the best. She is explicit …and works it for all ages. She is extremely knowledgeable of the anatomy and therefore no injuries !!!!!
I do miss her corny choice of music and her non stop chatter live …. but …..this is the next best thing !!!”

“Fantastic, informative, safe, challenging…just a few words to describe Jill’s workouts. Jill is a true pro who understands fitness, anatomy, how to improve as you age, and the importance of moving your body, pushing your limits (safely), and striving to be your best self…..these online workouts have SAVED me during this pandemic. I love the diversity of classes she offers and the fact that all of her classes provide options for all fitness levels and “extras” for pushing yourself extra hard that day. I also appreciate her nutrition advice – ProLon, protein powders, healthy recipes, supplements, etc. Can you tell I’m a big Jill fan? Try her classes! They are worth every penny. You get so much more than a workout!”

“While there’s no substitute for IRL Jill, these workouts are a terrific alternative…There’s a wide variety, most requiring little to no equipment. Jill does a great job explaining the moves and recommending alternative equipment (books, chairs, poles!) if the real deal is not available. As a result, the classes are accessible to all fitness levels. I’ve been recommending her to all my cooped up friends, and I imagine you’ll do the same once you try her classes.”

“Jill’s classes are fantastic! She is so knowledgeable, and so great at communicating proper form. I’m not typically a fan of online workouts but Jill’s are definitely worthwhile —- and fun! I appreciate all of her efforts in keeping us moving.”

These workouts will take you from absolute beginner to intermediate in just a few months.
20,000 people have done these workouts. They’re also a great option for after a long hiatus or coming back after an injury.