Infographic Share: Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

I’ve written about my affinity for Intermittent Fasting before.  I’m in the 16:8 camp, meaning most days of the week, (about 4, sometimes 5), I don’t eat for 16 hours.  I leave myself a “feeding window,” as it’s called, ” of 8 hours.  For me it looks something like this:

My Typical IF Schedule:

Go to bed between 10 – 11 (or attempt to!).

Wake up between 5:20 and 6:30 depending on the day’s schedule

I don’t eat until 2pm, except coffee with a some MCT oil for the boost, some BCAAs (branch chain amino acid) powder supplement, in my water if I’m working out before I eat.

Around 2:00 I have a large meal and maybe a snack like an RX Bar or apple with nut butter shortly after the meal.

Around 8 or 8:30 I have dinner (there may be some other small snacks before dinner like nuts or fruit)

If I’m still hungry, I will have a snack right before bed, like a bite of a protein bar.

No more food after 10!  And I’m good until 2pm the next day.  It takes some getting used to, but 16 hours without food seems completely normal.  If I were doing this to lose weight, I would switch to eat a large breakfast and lunch instead of lunch and dinner.  Researchers on circadian rhythms have shown our metabolisms slow down in the evening.  In which case, I would stop eating at 4 or 5 pm and fast until 9am the next morning (preferably after a workout).

Weight Loss and Health Benefits of IF:

If you’re considering this for weight loss, I think it’s a great option.  There are several types of IF formats you can incorporate into your life – some easier, some harder.  With 16:8, you can eat 2 large, satisfying meals instead of 3 medium meals.  I’ve already wrote about the benefits of 2 big meals over frequent smaller meals on my Facebook page and Fit For Life After 40 group page.  I explain why eating 5 – 6 small meals, aka “grazing” is seriously not so bueno as people used to think back in the dark ages of nutrition (the 1980’s and ’90’s haha!).

If you’re interested in doing it for health reasons and weight management like I do, here’s an infographic that I think is great!

Intermittent Fasting

from “The Renegade Pharmacist” blog by Niraj Naik


Read about my experience with Intermittent  Fasting when I didn’t even know it was a thing.  It just felt good and right for me:


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