Balance Training Is So Important, Even KABC News Picked Up On It!

Have you added some balance training moves to your routine yet?

Here’s why you need to start balance training now

Balance training benefits and why you need to start doing it now.

After the interview, we did some shots of Jim demonstrating balance moves


If you read 2 posts back, or saw my Huffington Post blog on Why You Seriously Need to Start Balance Training Now, you noticed some great tools you can use to get going on your balance workouts.  Also, why it’s just gotta be done if you want to reduce your risk of falls – whether you’re old or young- and even prevent injuries whether you’re an athlete or not.




The importance of balance training for everybody

Lori Corbin, the Food & Health Coach from KABC7 interviews me about balance training


KABC7 saw my article on Huffington Post and asked to interview me for a story about balance training and, shoot my awesome Cross Training Revolution Class at Equinox Beverly Hills to watch some of our moves in action.

I always incorporate some balance work in this class.  After all we are Cross Training so good balance and agility are part of my protocol. Here’s the news piece.  Stand on one leg while you watch it! 


KABC7 interviews me for a story on Balance Training and it's benefits

Jim demonstrates an advanced balance training move… and the squats!

<==== After class I shot some exercises for balance using Jim as my model.

Have I convince you to start training your balance yet?  There’s a LOT of reasons why you should.  Click the link video link for the news piece and read my blog about it, then get ON IT!  Remember to keep progressively challenging yourself.  Find some new moves to add, or hold a pose little longer.  You don’t want to just master one or two balance moves and then find yourself unable to do a Half Moon pose in yoga when the instructor springs it on you.  So don’t stay static in your routine (no pun intended, well maybe a little).

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