I’m On a 30-Day Low Carb Challenge. These Pancakes are Getting Me Through it!

Low Carb, Paleo friendly 🥞 Pancakes

Jonesing for something sweet and fluffy for brunch? But you’re trying to be “good” and steer clear of carbs that bloat you??  Low carb pancakes made from almond flour to the rescue!  The secret to a good mood is in the syrup though, right?   Covered!  This fiber syrup with maple 🍁 extract will make you think its the real thing so you don’t feel like you’re missing the best part!

Even though my body type is so-called, “carb tolerant,” I can still only go so far.  A few days on a carb binge and my trained eye knows right where to see the puff ‘n fluff poking out.  Right in my middle.  I’m a little lucky though.  One day of over zealous starch carbing (that’s a new verb), or sugar slogging is usually fine.  Maybe I can do two if I’m working out hard.  After all, there are some people who look at a pancake, cookie or potato and gain weight.

My style of workouts and being a somatype that is mostly ectomorph with some mesomorph, is usually able to keep the occasional dessert at bay.  But, then I had a bad month!  I had 3 injuries in a row.  Right ankle, lower back, left ankle.  So my intense workouts could not be relied on and suddenly, 4 lbs. appeared in about 5 minutes!  And then, because this is how the universe works I guess, I got a sinus infection.  What a month!

Fortunately I had planned on doing a 30-Day Low Carb Challenge with my social media followers.  Good timing because for most people, including me, cutting down on the starchy carbs, wheat products and higher calorie carbs like dried fruit (which I love to snack on) is helpful for weight loss as you have probably heard.  Obviously if you don’t replace those calories with anything else, it’s a fast win.  Or, you can replace the carb calories with protein or healthy fats.

Paleo friendly pancakes

Low Carb Almond Flour pancakes


A few days in to the Challenge, my BF got a wild butt hair and decided to test out some latent low-carb cooking skills.  He found this recipe, put his slant on it, and violá!  After two failed attempt, the third one was a charm!

He estimates about 10g of carbs per pancake (if they’re on the small side).  Yes, they also work in a waffle maker!  Yippee!

Pancake recipe:

4 eggs

1 c. unblanched almond flour (Hodgson Mill is pictured)

1 pinch salt

1 tsp. baking soda

3 Tbsp. prebiotic fiber sweetener (Fiber Yum is pictured)

Mix by hand until all ingredients are blended.

Spoon onto griddle or into waffle maker.  Cook until golden.

Syrup recipe:

1 Tbsp. pure maple extract

1 c. Fiber Yum probiotic sugar free sweetener

Mix and store in an airtight jar.

Happy bingeing!



Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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