Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Lovers in Your Life – Winter 2019

12 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fitness Enthusiasts in Your Life

It’s Gift Giving Season!  Even if you’re giving to yourself.  I know you probably do for everyone else before you do for yourself, so go ahead and get yourself a little somethin’ somethin’ while you’re in gifting mode.  Here’s my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the fitness aficionados in your life.  These picks were curated personally by me.  I have every product (or a version of) on this list except for one and it’s something I’m considering buying for myself soon (if Santa doesn’t get it for me first).

1. Sherpa obsession and soft, plush leggings.

Everyone loves the style, feel and warmth of a sherpa top.  Simply put, you can’t go wrong buying any of the Alo Sherpa’s for a woman you want to keep warm.  They fit great and look simply huggable!  If it’s leggings you have in mind, the Alosoft fabric is love at first feel.  Wear them for errands or yoga or most any kind of workout where you want to keep your legs warm and cozy.  Check out the Sheila or Momentum styles.  Two of the trending looks this season.

Sherpa half zip

The Sherpa rage!

Alosoft leggings

High Waist Alosoft Sheil leggings are uber hot right now

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2.  The site that has all the athleisure fashions you crave.

Where are all the trendiest fitness fashion brands under one roof… er…. website? Carbon38 has you covered Give your girl some sparkles that won’t break the bank.  Beyond Yoga has dominated the glittery look for more than a year.  Check out their latest and greatest alloy ombre leggings with coordinating tops.  It’s hard not to want something badly on this site… especially with the holidays sales going on, so don’t check out without using my discount code below…

Beyond Yoga Alloy Ombre

I love shimmery leggings like these from Beyond Yoga!  This trend is still going strong.

Not the sparkly, glittery type?  I hear you.  Check out this curated list:

Need more options?  Go here for curated choices for fitness enthusiasts.

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3. Under Armour for the sporty person in your life who appreciates functional fabrics.

I took the new UA Rush ColdGear for a test run last weekend.  The day started off cold, got nice and warm, the cooled off fast as the sun went down.  I’m someone who’s very sensitive to temperature changes because I have Raynaud’s phenomenon. The Rush ColdGear was surprisingly lightweight yet incredibly warm.  The compression leggings fit like a second-skin and the fabric for both the top and bottoms are breathable, soft and stretchy for excellent mobility.  The unique feature of this fabric is that’s it’s mineral-infused.  It claims that as your body emits energy, it gets absorbed and reflected back into the tissues and muscles to improve endurance and strength.  I don’t know how they tested this, but I certainly had a great workout!

I also got the gloves because…. Raynauds’s.  I have zombie cold hands all the time.

UA RUSH™ ColdGear® Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt & Leggings

UA Storm Fleece Women’s Glove


4. A skincare line specifically made for women who sweat.

Fré Skin Care targets the specific needs of active skin that sweats a lot with no apologies.  Women who exercise outside, are particularly prone to being treated harshly by the elements.  These products will give sweaty and weather-beaten skin a naturally glowing complexion.   Fré’s complete line includes everything you need including a gentle scrub (great for exfoliating after a workout), a deep replenishing serum,  an ultra-light moisturizer with SPF30, a hydrating facial cleanser, a facial oil, an eye brightening cream and more.  Many of these products are offered in sets making them a great gift for the sporty, sweaty woman in your life.

Bonus cool factor:  All their products are cruelty free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic and vegan.

Check out their product line here

For 15% off, use the code: JILLB at checkout

tinted sunscreen for working out

Fré tinted moisturizer with sunscreen

Revive Me deep replenishing serum


5. The Aussie brand that took America by storm.

No, I’m not talking about beer or UGGs.   While we love our Fosters and fuzzies, Australia also gave us one of the highest quality fitness wear lines, Lorna Jane.

Lorna Jane (CA)

CA outlet

Lorna Jane (US)

LJ is one of the brands I swear by, especially for women looking for superior design quality.  Women know how important it is to have comfortable straps on workout bras.  I literally have to pick my tops based on how long I’m going to be working out or wearing it for.  If I’m on the go for a few hours, I have to choose a top with the most comfy straps that won’t dig into my trapezius.  For comfort, fit and sexy styling, LJ has the best full support jog bras I’ve ever worn.  That’s a trifecta in my book!

For great prices on previous seasons, you can shop the Lorna Jane Active Living Outlet to score some deals or  the main online store where all the newest drops can be found.

In this pic, I’m wearing a Lorna Jane top with Alo Extreme Ripped Warrior Leggings.  Don’t forget to use this discount link if it’s your first time shopping at Alo online.


6.  The brand celebs are loving…

Sweatty Betty London

According to Shape Magazine, A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon have been spotted wearing this brand.  I have to agree, they make some awesome leggings that give you good back.  The materials are breathable and great for every type of workout from bootcamps to Pilates to a drenched-in-a-sea-of-sweat spin workout.

They’re best known for leggings that lift and shape your bum.  But the fabrics are so soft and breathable, you won’t even notice until you look in the mirror and turn to the side.  Be sure to check out the Disco Foil, Camo Countour Embossed and Leather Look leggings. You’ll be smoking at the gym!

Sweaty Betty


7.  An absolute must-have…

TRX. If you have a friend or loved one that hates to miss a workout but travels a lot, they seriously need a TRX.  It’s like having an entire portable gym in a bag the size of one boxing glove.  I’ve been using mine since 2007 and it’s been a consistent staple in my fitness routine ever since.  Literally, if I’m going to a desert island and could only bring one piece of equipment with me, this would be it.  If you don’t have one, get one for yourself too.  They have a great sale every holiday, especially for Xmas.

Short on space you say?  That’s the beauty of it.  It takes up almost zero space.  Hang it up in whatever room you workout in.   Hook it to a door with the included door anchor if you don’t have a dedicated space.  Where’s mine?  On a wall in my backyard and in a bag for when I travel.  Yes, I have 2.

Their Black Friday Sale is happening now thru Dec. 1.  You get a free workout app with purchase so you’ll never be lacking for a great burn, sweat or stretch.

Make It Personal - TRX Training


8.  Put a ring on it.

Tired of fitness trackers you wear around your wrist or having to drag your phone along?  How about a fitness tracker you wear on your finger?  I admit I don’t have this product yet, but I’m considering it right now.

The Motiv Ring tracks your activity, sleep and heart rate.  It counts calories and steps plus, it’s waterproof and works with iPhone and Android.  Then it detects when you fall asleep.  The other ring I’m considering it the Oura ring.  It’s much more expensive because it tracks heart rate variability and sleep quality which only a couple of products on the market can do.  HRV is a measurement used to determine your recovery and readiness to train as well as fitness level.  If HRV isn’t as important to you as tracking your calories, sleep, and heart rate, it may be more than you need.

Whether you’re out for a run or running errands, Motiv Ring automatically measures all the metrics you care about and helps you set goals and track your progress.

9.   For the person who loves to read…

Or says they wish they could read more,  but is always on the go.  My subscription a service I can’t live without anymore.  I’ve had mine for several years and I use ALL. THE. TIME.  You can buy someone a one year gold membership for just $149.  Normally its $14.99/mo.  Worth it either way in my book (pun not intended, but funny, right?)

Audible gold membership gift card.

10.  Prefer to play it safe?

There’s nothing like a good ol’ Amazon gift card.  Every online shopper will love one!

Amazon holiday gift card

11.  Mats, Balls, ‘Bells, Rings, Rollers, oh my!

How about making your New Years Fitness Resolution a reality instead of a pipe dream, pick out all the things you need to make a workout in your home or office, excuse-proof.  Shop for all those little things you need to have handy for a great home workout, exercise in your office or to take with when you travel.  Everything you need can be found at

strength and toning equipment

It’s where I get all my gear for my clients and myself.  My car is loaded with a variety of mats, triceps dip bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, a foam roller, bands, more bands and a couple of medicine balls.  ProSourceFit has the best quality for the price.

They have great sales every holiday and sometimes bonus free shipping on the big holidays (like now!).  Plus, you can use my discount code for 15% off.  Click here to see everything they have at a glance, and use the code: jill15 at checkout.


12.  Relax your Back!

All that holiday stress can exacerbate back pain and strain.  If  you know me, you know I have a wonky spine from having congenital spinal stenosis.  That’s a fancy way of saying, I’m prone to smushed discs and back pain.  One of the best products I’ve come across is the Chirp Wheel.  It comes in 3 sizes or a set of all 3.  They used to be yoga wheels, but Chirp redesigned them to be better and easier to use.  You simply lie back on it, with your spine in the soft, padded grove, and roll.  The design is meant to stretch out the spine and open up the spaces where your discs are getting compressed and where the muscles are gripping.  All I can say is, it works! Click here to see all their back pain easing products.

I did a little video demonstration on Instagram.  You can see how it works:

I hope you found some of these suggestions useful!  Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, fit and healthy holiday season!

Note:  some of the links above contain affiliate codes.  If you click thru one of them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  So, thank you in advance if you do!  But you don’t have to.  I have also included discount codes where available.   These codes are given to me by the companies to share with my followers.  Every product or brand on this list is something I actually use, own and love.  I never promote products just for a commission. 

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