Fascinating lecture by Dr. Peter Attia on why we may not be burning enough fat during our workouts (and how to fix it).

I got turned on to Dr. Attia by the #TimFerriss  show.
He has had Dr. Attia on twice and he’s a great speaker if you enjoy health science. This is a presentation on our energy pathways – great review for us trainers and fit pros – and why the body may not be burning as much fat during our workouts as we’d like.  Also really great stuff to try to understand if you’re any kind of athlete.  Not to try to sum up the whole hour, but the key for us to know is when you have insulin in your blood stream (from ingesting carbohydrates or sugars), your body will not want to burn fat.  As fitness pros we know, that carbs are “easier” to access than fat as a fuel source, but in this presentation I learned that it’s much harder to burn fat than I previously thought.  If you do endurance events or long-ass workouts, this is a must listen to! http://eatingacademy.com/sports-and-nutrition/introduction-to-superstarch-part-i

This is not a sales pitch, but we did by the product #GenerationUCan to try it.


Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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