Double Your Kettlebells & Double Your Fun! (short video)

How to Use Two Kettlebells instead of one for Double the FUN!

No one will tell you how important it is to keep up your strength training more than me.  But I know many people, especially when they get a little older or have had injuries, are hesitant to up their weights.  So try this.  Instead of using one heavy kettlebell, try two medium weights (or even light to practice).  Here is a great kettlebell workout for strength building you can do with two, instead of one.

Want more kettlebell tutorials or suggestions?  Click here for how to do a Turkish Get Up, the top brass of kettlebell exercises or here for some easier to learn whole-body-exercises.

Ready to buy your own kettlebells? Here’s a great deal on an entire set of all the kettlebells you’ll ever need (pictured below).  They feel nicer than the steel ones I’m using in the video, especially when “cleaning” and “racking” the weight.  And, easier to grip by the horns when your hands are sweating!  Plus, they’re prettier too.

Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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