Butts & Guts Workout: with Loop Bands, body balls and 4-Legged Friends

Tighter Butt and Flatter Gut

Sometimes it’s just more fun to do your workout with a friend (or a client in my case – or both).  Add some wagging tails to get in the way, and you may even forget you’re working out at all!

Here’s one of my long time client’s (and bestie’s) favorite butt and gut exercises.  We almost always do this one on Tuesday nights when she’s drained from a long day of work.


Almost all of the exercises only require a loop band.  You can find loop bands at most stores that sell home use sporting goods or Amazon of course. This set is only $9.99 and comes with a carry bag and instruction booklet.

The exercises we’re doing at the end require gliding discs.  Gliding discs can be found for just carpeted surfaces, hard wood surfaces, or both, like these I found on Amazon. You can do gliding exercises with a small towel on a hardwood floor, but towels create more drag, so they are harder to move smoothly.

As for the hip bridges we’re doing on the balls, I think they’re great either on a medicine ball – the soft kind you can use for slams, like this one.  And my client is using a 75cm anti-burst blow up body ball.  Finally, the Plank Saw exercise is fantastic for firmer, flatter abs.  There are a few ways to do this exercise.  Using the ball is a good intermediate to version of this exercise.

Do these exercises at least once a week.  I do them twice a week.  Once with my client (and dogs) and once with my students who take my Barre Burn class… and occasionally with my Boot Campers.  The muscles you will feel burning on the sides of your butt (the gluteus medius and minimus) not only firm up the saddle bag area, but they also have a protective effect on the knees!  The stronger your butt muscles are, the better.

I say it all the time and it bears repeating:  having strong strong butt muscles will help the prevent you from over using (straining) the muscles above it (the lower back) and the joints below it (your knees).

For more great butt exercises using the loop band, watch this short video.

For more abdominal exercises using a ball, try these.

And if you suffer even occasionally from lower back pain, you MUST be doing these exercises.!

So get to it and let me know how you like this workout… or any of the others!


Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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