Get a Superior Posterior. Exercises for a firmer butt using a loop band

If you’ve been to my home page and read a bit about me, you know I was given a raw deal for a few genetic woes that affect my back and my hip (congenital spinal stenosis and hip dysplasia).  I am an ardent advocate of certain types of butt exercises not just for the aesthetics, but because the stronger your glutes are, the less work your lower back has to do.  Actually, an overwhelming amount of issues I see in students and clients with low back pain simply have weak gluteal muscles causing their backs muscles to have to work harder than they should.  The fact is the muscles along the spine are endurance muscles, not strength muscles.  Meaning, they are meant help you stand up tall and be erect for long periods of time.  They are not meant to do the “heavy lifting.”  That is what your powerful gluteal muscles are for.  Having good mobility in your hips and flexible hamstrings also help prevent the back from straining, but I’ll save that subject for another post.

Here are some of my absolute favorite butt exercises that strengthen mostly the often neglected smaller muscles of the glutes, the medius and minimus.  These moves not only make your butt firmer, especially around the “saddle bag” area, but they’re also great for the hips and knees.

All you need is a flat loop band that you can buy at most sporting goods stores, places like Target and of course, online.

Enjoy!  And if you like them, please comment below and share.  When you’re done with this one, check out my video on the best exercises for back pain sufferers. 

Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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