Avocado Ranch Dip & Bell Pepper Chips (keto friendly)

I don’t follow any one diet religiously.  Keto is painful to me.  Paleo is tolerable but I need some grains.   But I love fruit more than veggies and I rarely eat meat except seafood.  I’m predominantly pescatarian and a fan of the Mediterranean diet if I had to pin myself to a diet camp.

avocado ranch dip

keto friendly low carb guacamole

The most important thing to me is eating what is healthy, meaning minimal processing, bare minimum to no added sugar, and staying high on anti-inflammatory foods (except for the occasional cheat desert, pizza or fries – but only on workout days! – and because I’m not an ascetic monk).

I decided to see if I could hold myself to a 30 Day Low Carb Challenge) with a cheat meal every 5th to 7th day.  On the first day, Jim, my BF, found a recipe that even though it was keto, looked pretty darn good to me.  So I said, bring it on!

Anyone who decides to go low carb misses a few things.  Maybe it’s fries, or pasta or pizza.  Here is California, life without guacamole and chips is a sad, lonely one, especially on margarita night or Taco Tuesday!

Here’s Jim’s first experiment with a keto and low carb recipe.  It was so good, and so pretty, I had to share!

Technically this fluffy concoction is called  “Ranch Dip”, but it’s close enough to guacamole to satisfy that hankering.

1 Haas avocado

1 Jalepeño diced

2 Tbsps. chopped fresh Cilantro

Lime juice (a few splashes to taste)

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 cup regular fat mayonnaise

Whip in a blender or with a mixer, but keep it a little lumpy.

Serve with sliced fresh, crispy red, yellow and orange bell peppers.  Sprinkle with paprika.


Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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