Are Your Hands Always Cold Like Mine? You May Have Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Cold, icy, zombie hands (or feet) and hyper sensitivity to cold is actually a thing.  Actually it’s a “phenomenon” known as Reynaud’s.  If a few seconds of exposure to air conditioning, a fan blowing on you or holding a cold drink turns your hands to icicles and makes your fingers turn the colors of the flag (red, white, blue or maybe purple), its possible you have this nuisance of a disease.  Some are born with it (like me) and it gets worse with age (oy!).  Others get it from taking certain medications or from developing certain diseases.  And, it can also be brought on by stress.  In most cases it can be managed with some homeopathic treatments.

Here’s my Huffington Post blog with more deets about Raynaud’s Phenomenon and some simple ways to manage it.

icy hands

Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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