Another great Complex Breakdown.

Oh but there are more!  More if you search my videos below or go to my YouTube or Vimeo pages.  This one is hardcore fun.  Best part?  Gets easier instead of harder.

Youtube screenshot

Breaking down Complexes are my latest fitness joy!  I do it in my CROSS TRAINING REVOLUTION class at Equinox in Beverly Hills.  My students have seen positive results and the workout gives them a positive attitude.  Ready to try it?  This is the easiest one of all time, but you can modify or replace some of the exercises.  If you don’t have Lebert Equalizers, do one arm rows with a d or k bell.  Or use a resistance band around a pole.  Or another suspension trainer.  There are so many ways to do this.  I have more to come and you just can’t get bored with this format!

Click on this link here to see it:  (notice in the pic it’s less than 2 minutes long? how’s that for expediency?)

Complex Breakdown circuit workout

Watch it, share it, try it, love it and post about it.  Comments welcome!

Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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