4 Exercises For Healthy Shoulders [Tutorial]

Did you know one of the most common injuries almost everybody gets is a tear in the external rotator cuff?  Whether you play a lot of ball sports, surf, lift weights or just live life doing things, it’s pretty easy to strain or tear this area of the shoulder.

There are 4 muscles in the rotator cuff.  The one that externally rotates the arm bone gets injured the most.  Often times, this comes from repetitive movements, although it can happen from a sudden, accidental one.  Keeping those muscles strong and stable are the only thing you can do.  And if you are recovering from an injury there, or simply have recurring pain there, same thing.

The rotator cuff muscles sit deep inside the joint, so you can’t see them… but if one gets a little strain or tear, you will definitely know it’s there!  Get your healthy shoulders with these 4 exercises.

All you need is a flat band (the kind used in physical therapy) or resistance tube (this is my favorite brand), a loop band and a light to medium weight kettlebell.  I recommend starting with a 10 lb. bell unless you need to go lighter.  As you will see in the video, a dumbbell can’t really work for the last exercise.

I’ll be doing a follow up to this video with a few more exercises, stretches and variations, so check back for those and subscribe to my newsletter list where I often send out short exercises tutorials!

Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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