If You Take Statins, or Your Doctor Says You Might Need Them, Read This First!

I Love STEM-Talks

One of my new favorite podcasts is STEM-Talks.  It’s all interviews with leading scientists in every field.  Some of these talks were so interesting and enlightening, I have to share them with you on my blog.

When my doctor said to me my boyfriend may need to go on a statin after looking at his cholesterol, my spidey senses tingled.  I remembered seeing this podcast in my queue and immediately listened to it.

I was pretty blown away.   I was already astounded at how much “bad” the science has proliferated and turned into public policy. You’ve heard by now that low-fat, higher-carb diets have been the wrong way to go for losing weight, lowering cholesterol and reducing heart disease, yes?  (I’m not referring to whole fruit or veggie carbs – but the processed stuff on the grocery store shelves).  I mean, it made total sense when every public health organization said to go low fat.  But science is often counter-intuitive.  So the jury, after what, 30+ years, finally comes back with a decision reversal.  Now the tide is turning.   Nutrition researchers are starting to agree that lower-carb (again, not referring to fruits and veggies in their whole food states) diets with higher (good) fats may be the better way to lose weight, stay healthier, and by the way, won’t raise cholesterol in a dangerous way for your heart (most of the time).  What a mess our health has become because research is so easy to flub with statistics.

Fortunately some curious doctors and researchers decided to open up the cold case files, and look back at the research statin drug companies presented.  Turns out they camouflaged the research to make the numbers looks impressive for reducing the risk of heart attacks.  In actuality, their studies had dismal results.  Instead of having the health of our nation top of mind, they had their own and, their shareholders profits top of mind.  They just wanted to get everyone in the country on a statin drug, even though they might not work, may not even be needed, and may being doing more hard than good.

You may not need a statin after all for cholesterol

A scientist on a mission to tell everyone why statins don’t really work the way you think

Enter Dr. David Diamond

He’s a neuroscientist who decided to dig back through all the statin studies and uncovered the truth.  This interview is truly worth a listen if you’re on a statin, or you’re doctor is thinking about putting you on one.

On a personal note, I have always had high cholesterol for someone as active as I am.  My triglycerides are good and my HDL is great, so I’m not worried.  But 10 years ago, a heart doctor I knew started doing cholesterol particle testing.  When he saw my surprisingly high LDL number, he decided to take a few vials of my blood and find out if everything was cool.  What I learned about my LDL is that I have a lot of “large buoyant” particles.  Sort of like beach balls, bouncing around while carrying the cholesterol my body needs to maintain my cells, nice and safely.  I have low levels of the small, dense particles, which are the ones that can cause lesions in the the arterial wall…. and that’s when all the trouble starts.

So listen to this podcast, get pissed at the greed of big pharma trying to sell everybody and their grandmother a drug most of them probably don’t need (and probably won’t help anyway).  Then get your particles tested.

Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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