Double Your Kettlebells & Double Your Fun!  (short video)

Double Your Kettlebells & Double Your Fun! (short video)

How to Use Two Kettlebells instead of one for Double the FUN! No one will tell you how important it is to keep up your strength training more than me.  But I know many people, especially when they get a little older or have had injuries, are hesitant to up their weights.  So try this.  Instead of using one heavy kettlebell, try two medium weights (or even light to practice).  Here is a great kettlebell workout for strength building you can do with two, instead of one. Want more kettlebell tutorials or suggestions?  Click here for how to do a Turkish Get Up, the top brass of kettlebell exercises or here for some easier to learn whole-body-exercises. Ready to buy your own kettlebells?  Here's a great deal on an entire set of all the kettlebells you'll ever need (pictured below).  They feel nicer than the steel ones I’m using in the video, especially when "cleaning" and "racking" the weight.  And, easier to grip by the horns when your hands are sweating!  Plus, they’re prettier...
Need a Beginner Workout?  Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

Need a Beginner Workout? Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

Have you decided to start a home fitness program but you don't know where to begin? Although many of the exercises and workout programs I post on my site here are intermediate to advanced, I'm very attuned to what beginners need to get started on the right foot.  When GymRa asked me to design a beginner workout program last year, I was pretty psyched.  Yes, most die hard fitness pro's love to show off their most impressive moves, there's only a small percentage of people who can really do them.  Or at least do them properly without too much risk of getting hurt.  There's always some risk of injury when you push to the next level.  Maybe a rolled ankle, muscle tear or pulled tendon, but don't let that intimidate you.  These things heal with just a little common sense and simple care.  So be smart.  Don't start working out at a level that's too far above your current level.  It's a nice feeling when you can do a workout all the way through without getting gassed! Here's where to get started Click the pic to go to the 2nd workout in my Beginner Workout series.  If you're not in the least bit fit, it's a good starting point that will build up your strength and endurance gradually.  Here's the first workout if you missed it.  Do each of the workouts as many times as you need until you can crush them!  If you're still a beginner, but just want some variations, these will work for you as well.  Particularly the interval workouts. If you know someone you're trying...
Simple Beginner, Level 1 Workout

Simple Beginner, Level 1 Workout

Everyone needs to start somewhere.  I created a few  easy, beginner workout programs for GymRa for that very reason.  These workouts (most all are on YouTube) will help you build the confidence and core competency you need to get on your way to making fitness part of your daily life.  These workouts include beginner cardio moves, basic strength and toning exercises and core work to keep you spine healthy and prevent injuries. If you're not a beginner, consider sharing with someone you know who is.  ...
Six Moves to a Sexy Summer Body (for a tighter tummy and sculpted arms!)

Six Moves to a Sexy Summer Body (for a tighter tummy and sculpted arms!) This is not a beginner workout, but it can be great for either intermediate level exercisers all the way thru advanced fitness levels.  I'm a huge proponent for doing at least 1 workout a week outside where you can GET AWAY from the mirrors, the piped in music, the sweaty equipment and most of all, get away from the self-judgement and comparison to others! For this workout, all you need is enough room to move side to side about 10 feet or more. No Judgement and No Comparison Zone: Some people thrive on physical competition.  Most people don't.  It's more of a slap in the face for many.  When you use my workout templates all under the workout->videos tab, I truly hope hope you do them in a space that relaxes you and gives you enjoyment.   Not in a gym with you watching what others are doing and subconsciously wondering if they are judging you back. You'll see most of mine are at my favorite park in L.A.  It's one of my "happy spaces."  I can pretty much guarantee that the mood you will be in after one of my outdoor workouts will far exceed a workout you do in your bedroom or living room following along to a full length workout video.   Put on your headphones, go thru each of the exercises with me to get the muscle memory, then take it on your own!    ...
Learn to do the Kettlebell Turkish Get Up in 2 Minutes

Learn to do the Kettlebell Turkish Get Up in 2 Minutes

The Kettlebell Turkish Get Up is arguably the world's best exercise for all the benefits it offers. It trains: Overall strength (if you go heavy enough) Core Stability Flexibility Shoulder strength and mobility and Balance It takes time to master, but here's a quick primer so you can learn all the components quickly and start practicing. Be sure to start with a light bell so you can learn the moves without risk of dropping the bell.  I suggest starting with a 10 or 15 lb kettlebell then progress up once you've gotten the moves down.  ...
Outdoor Workouts Rule!  Especially in a Nice Neighborhood Park.  Here’s a Great One!

Outdoor Workouts Rule! Especially in a Nice Neighborhood Park. Here’s a Great One!

I've been a gym rat for a long time.  There's no doubt a well stocked gym can keep a gym rat like me occupied for a few hours at least.  But, getting outside in nature is literally a whole other world.  Outdoor workouts just feel different.  They can be kick ass hard core or relaxing.  When you take your workout  outside to a beautiful park, you'll feel your energy is on a whole other level.  It's more calming without fluorescent lights, mirrors and people with poor spacial judgement getting up in your zone.  And, you don't have to "work in" with anyone. The best part is, you don't need anything when you get your fitness on in a park.  Here are some creative lower and upper body exercises that only require a sturdy picnic bench.  You can do any of these exercises for time or for reps.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think of these moves!