Banish Back Flab with this Suspension Training Circuit for Back & Biceps

Banish Back Flab with this Suspension Training Circuit for Back & Biceps

If you’re limited on space and time, there’s one piece of equipment I recommend everyone should have.  It can literally replace a dozen pieces of equipment including a universal machine.  I’m talking about a suspension trainer, like a TRX.  I’ve been using one for well over 10 years and it’s a staple in both my workouts and my clients.

In this video I’m putting my bestie and client, Anita, through a back and biceps circuit.  These are some of the exercises I recommend for women battling the ol’ back flab!  We did 3 exercises  for 12 reps, rested, then repeated 2 more times.  In other words, we went thru the circuit 3 times.  Then we did 3 exercises for chest, tricpes and core which I’ll post shortly after this one.

We use her suspension straps in every workout.  The straps we are using in the video were my own design, and it accommodates 2 people working out at once, which is perfect for training my clients.  However the most commercially available brand is the TRX.  They’re on sale right now, so if you don’t have one, not only are the best, most versatile piece of equipment for your home, but they make a great gift.

Check out this back and biceps routine we did in her home gym.

If you decide to go with a TRX for your home workouts, they have just come out with line of supplements called TRX ESSENTIALS.

If you want to try them, they’re ONLY $1.95 now through 12/31/18 with a purchase of $149.95 or more.  TRX Essentials Nutritional Supplements use only the highest-grade raw ingredients in convenient, single-use Daily Power Packs, and post-workout Recovery Shake Packets.  Flavors come in Vanilla and Chocolate.   Use the Coupon Code: AFFSUPP150 at checkout.



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