How to Have Healthy, Happy Shoulders, P2

How to Have Healthy, Happy Shoulders, P2

Shoulders are the most common part of the body to get injured. There’s so many moving parts to this very complex set of joints.  The shoulder is actually made up of 3 different joints.  That’s why just doing 1 rehabilitative exercise may not be enough to heal from, or prevent an injury.

exercises for healthy shoulders

You can get an injury from an accident of course.  But most people I see get shoulder injuries from repetitive movements they’re not aware they’re doing.  For example, I had a college student training with me who I realized was damaging her rotator cuff from slinging a heavy book bag over her shoulder a dozen times a day.  Another common one I see is from women doing push up improperly – using their shoulders more than their chest muscles to do the work.  Having a good shoulder health routine can really help.

In a previous post, I taught you 4 great exercises to prevent and even help recover from injuries.  Click here to see Part 1.

Now let’s learn a few more that can also help prevent injuries and keep your shoulders healthy, happy and even looking sculpted and sexy for years to come!  Break out those tank tops.

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Get a foam roller for that incredible shoulder stretch I showed you in the video and use it for all the other tight muscles in your body.  There are a bunch of exercises you can do on a foam roller too, so if you don’t have one at home, do your body a favor and buy one.

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