12-Minute Battle Rope Circuit

12-Minute Battle Rope Circuit

When the weather forces me indoors for my Saturday workout, I want to get it over with faster.  I need a bare minimum of one day a week to workout outside.  The fresh air has an incredibly positive effect on my mindset and helps me decompress.  I used to train outdoors several days a week when I was rowing, outrigging or mountain bike riding, but my work schedule changed years ago and that was the end of that.  But I managed to keep a chunk of time open on Saturdays for myself….  it’s my mental health day as much as my physical health day.

But even in sunny L.A., we get a few rain storms.  We need more of course because of the drought, so I’m not complaining.  So I had to come up with an alternative on this particular Saturday that would give a full body workout in minimal time.

I went to the latest Equinox gym to open so I could check out the new gear.  Since Rope Slams are often part of my Saturday outdoor workout (I keep a rope in my trunk), I headed straight for their brand new one which is conveniently located next to a rack of kettlebells.


It was the perfect set up for this workout.


This is a simple 12-minute circuit where every other exercise is some kind of rope slam.

Perform :50 seconds of work with :10 seconds of rest between exercises for 12 minutes. That’s a lot of rope time.  If that’s too much rope work, you can make all the intervals shorter (i.e. :30 seconds) or, you can just make the rope intervals shorter.  Check out the different types of rope slams in the video.

Feel free to choose different exercises than mine in between the ropes.  If you don’t have access to kettlebells or don’t feel confident using them, do dumbbell exercises and weighted squats instead.  I use a TRX towards the end.  If you have one handy, that is also a great alternative to the kettlebells and works nicely alternating with the ropes.  Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel where I kettlebell tutorials if you want to learn some cool moves.


Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.  You will find many more workout templates you can follow and customize as well as tutorials to correct form and learn new exercises!

Need some kettlebells of your own?  You can get kettlebells or any gear you need for your home or even travel fitness routine here.  ProSource is where I get most of my clients’ workout gear and you can use my discount code:  brown15 at checkout for 15% off your order.

Don’t have a TRX in your home or travel kit yet?  I think they’re absolutely indispensable.  I keep one in my car and pack it when I travel.  My other is in my backyard.  The new home kit comes with an app that gives you workouts you can do anywhere.  Plus, they’re on sale right now!


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