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I am a Los Angeles based Fitness Expert and a Producer, Writer, Director and Consultant for infomercials, marketing videos and related media. In front of the camera, I am a Show Host, Fitness Model, and Spokesperson.

I moved to L.A. to pursue television and film production work. As my interest in fitness grew, my career goal became finding a way to fuse my two passions – production and fitness. It’s been an amazing journey, and well worth the trip!

I use my communication background to educate and motivate people to exercise. I use my vast knowledge of fitness, plus my years of production experience, to market health and fitness related product through infomercials.

So I fill my days doing what I love:

  • Teaching one of my specialty classes like Jill Brown’s Revenge Workout, Spinning, Ultimate Fusion, Pilates, Boot Camp, and Abs/Butt/Back
  • Private Training
  • Working on an infomercial

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