Should You Use a Fat Burner For Faster Weight Loss?

I’ve never hidden the fact that I use a fat burner supplement in my water when I workout.  Even though I’m also a coffee drinker, my early morning cup o’ joe has usually worn off by the time I’m firing on all gears at the gym.  So I like to use a fat burning powder along with a few other supplements in my water bottle during my workouts.  Fortunately about 8 years ago I found a brand of supplements that I love because they not only taste great, but I get just the right amount of boost to fuel my workouts.

It’s no secret that as we get older, we start to lose muscle mass and our metabolisms slow down too – partly due to the muscle loss.  So the extra energy provided by a good fat burning supplement can help reduce muscle fatigue, thereby allowing you to lift a little heavier or push a little harder.

The brand I’ve been using for years is ProMera Sports.  They make my favorite creatine supplement too which helps me build and maintain my muscles – a topic I’ll cover in another blog post!  I came across this brand at a fitness conference a long time ago.  I got some samples and I’ve been using their sports supplements for my workouts ever since.

will a fat burner help you lose weight?

Should you use a fat burner?

We developed a relationship over time and they asked me to become a spokesperson for them, which I happily accepted.  Recently they asked me to write an article about Fat Burners for OnFitness Magazine.  In this piece I explain what the effective ingredients are in fat burning supplements and what to expect if you decide to try them. Click here to read the article.

If you’re interested in trying the fat burner I use, check out BURN.  My favorite flavor is Mandarin Pineapple.  I usually combine it with Con-Cret Creatine. For women, they also make a Women’s Elite formula which has a little bit of everything.  They make most of their supplements in both powder and capsule form.  I use the powders because I can adjust the dosage.  For example, if I just had a cup of coffee but want to make sure I still have some energy while I’m working out, I may use just half a dose of BURN.  For the creatine, I use a scoop and half.

Thanks to my relationship with ProMera Sports, you can take 20% off your first order with the coupon codeJILLB20

Jill Brown
Jill Brown
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